Explosion Proof Melody / Alarm Horn
PATLITE offre un avvisatore acustico explosion safe con melodie e allarmi preregistrati. Utilizzabile nelle Zone 2 e Zone 22 Atex.

- Explosion Proof for Gas and Dust

- Suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22

- CE Compliant in accordance to ATEX

- Protection Rating of IP65

- Adjustable audible sound (dB at 1m) of 105dB

- Temperature range of -20℃ to +60℃

- Input voltage range of 12 to 24V AC/DC

- Indoor installation for upright, sideways and upside-down (Outdoor installation is upright only)

- Anti-corrosive steel bracket included as accessory

- Standard signal input is NPN, with PNP input available as a special order

- 32 combinations of pre-recorded Melodies and Chimes

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