Network Monitor Signal Tower
The NH Series has a three-tiered signal tower with a buzzer and E-mail sending capability to report to a network manager immediately when a network event occurs via network connection.

Correspond to SNMP Protocol

• Cooperate with various kinds of network devices that support SNMP protocol

• Possible to send SNMP Trap Exclusive MIB loaded

• Network Monitor Signal Tower loads the exclusive MIB to control itself with SNMP Ping Monitoring

• Monitor the health of (up to) 16 network devices using Ping Corresponds to RSH Command

• Warning light, flashing, buzzer can be easily activated by RSH command Prevent unauthorized access and information leakage

• By cooperating with an Asset Management Software, warning light, flashing and buzzer can be activated as warning when

unauthorized access is attempted

Torna in: LAN/USB/PoE/Wireless