Network Monitor Signal Tower with MP3
Monitor your network and be notified in real-time of predesignated events and device failures via visual and voice annunciator signals, and email alerts.

【Give Your Equipment a Voice】

  • Alleviate alarm fatigue by utilizing the built-in MP3 voice annunciator feature. This feature allows you to load custom voice recordings to allow the NHL to tell your operators exactly what is happening on your network.

【Quicker Response】

  • Ping up to 24 devices and notify operators of ping failures in real-time with unambiguous visual and audible alerts.

【Know You're Connected】

  • The green LED unit can be configured to indicate the connection status between the NHL and your network.

【Customizable to Fit Your Application】

  • Standard configuration consists of a light tower with three LED segments and a programmable audible alarm with volume settings. Add up to 5 LED units for highly effective visual signaling.

【Email Notifications】

  • Alarms can trigger emails to be sent to up to 8 addresses per event so you will never miss a network signal.

  • 【Protocol Support】

    • The NHL supports SNMP, HTTP, PNS (Developed by PATLITE), Socket Transmission command protocols. Alarms can send SNMP traps to network management systems.
    Torna in: LAN/USB/PoE/Wireless